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About Us

Who we are

Maska by design

We are an Australian company, based in Melbourne.
Our aim is to bring you style and comfort whilst ensuring peace of mind is in the forefront.
Our masks are made from beautiful fabrics and gorgeous colors sourced only in Australia.
Ours face masks can be custom made in your corporate colors and with your company logo, allowing your brand shine!
Why, choose a MASKA face mask? Because not only are they stylish and easy care, but most importantly they are “Australian Made” and by supporting us you are supporting the Australian textile manufacturing industry.
Our Charity Work

We clap our hands to all the front line workers, especially during COVID-19, and that includes the Salvation Army staff and volunteers. In the Salvos 55 year history they have never experienced demand like now and we pledge that for every ten masks sold we will donate one to the Salvos. So help us to help them.

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